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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  November 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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up at walmartes the nationwide for black friday but not in the way you might think. >> when workers' rights are underattack, what do we do? >> stand up and fight back. >> they were protesting what some say is walmart's retaliation against those who is spoke out for better pay and affordable health care. walmart has denied the claims. it says only a few employees participated in the demonstrations. >> but the protests didn't seem to affect walmart's bottom line. in a statement the retailer said it was the best black friday ever. other stores liking this toys "r" us in new york are probably hoping for similar results. black friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season and the national retail federation estimates that this year's sales could jump more than 4% from last year. >> sad news from the world of entertainment. actor larry hagman has died. his family says it was from complications from cancer. he is best known for his iconic performance at j.r. unique on the tv show "dallas."
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he was the ultimate villain. but today people are remembering him as much more. peter fonda said good-bye to his friend on twitter saying hagman brought so much fun to everyone's life. barbara eden said this of her i dream of jeannie" co-star. there was no like su before you and there will be no one like you again. he was 81. in other news, a wild scene. springfield, massachusetts where an explosion triggered by a gas leak ripped through the city's downtown area. you see it there. a building that houses a strip club was leveled while 25 other buildings were also damaged. springfield police say 18 people were injured in the blast which could be felt miles away. a deputy is dead, another is critical little wounded after a shooting in baldwin county, alabama. the county sheriff offer this had tribute to the scott ward, the slain officer. >> i had personally worked with this deputy a majority of my career. i new him very well. i'm very proud of him. it's a big loss.
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but he was doing his job. and we'll pull together in a time like this, and we'll honor his memory by carrying on. >> the man who shot him mike it will jansen, this is a photograph of him, was also shot during that incident. and pronounced dead at the scene. one of the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives is expected back in the u.s. this weekend. federal agents snagged jose luis saenz thursday night in mexico accused of killing his girlfriend and two rival gang members in l.a. back in 1998. he's also wanted in a fourth murder in 2008. the fbi offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. moving to the middle east now, life is returning to normal in southern israel and gaza. schools are open in gaza for the first time since the fighting began last week and both sides agreed to a cease-fire. we know that happened wednesday. shootings and rocket fire have stopped for the most part except
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for one incident yesterday. we'll have much more on the end of the hostilities there in just a few minutes. and let's move to egypt now where protesters had gathered in cairo's tahrir square calling for the ouster of president mohamed morsy. opposition leaders say new powers grabbed by morsy make him look like a dictator. reza sayah has more on the massive protests. >> reporter: outrage, clashes and anguish in tahrir. thousands of angry egyptians back in a public square that has become the arab world's emblem for the democratic right to protest. this was where egyptians demanded the ouster of former president hosni mubarak last year. this time the fury aimed at current president mohamed morsy. >> we're here because we don't want morsy to rule us anymore. >> a one-man show. he wants to do everything. nothing at all of what we want,
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you know? >> reporter: on thursday, the new president made himself the most powerful man in egypt by announcing sweeping decrees he says will designed to push forward the drafting of egypt's new constitution and speed up the formation of a government that's still missing a parliament. >> one of his decrees bans anyone from overturning any of his declarations since he took over office in june. that order is to stay in place till a parliament is formed. technically it means for now, he can do whatever he wants without any oversight. >> i just felt he was telling us, you guys don't exist. it's just me and my people. and there's no place for anybody else in egypt. >> we're not allowing for a dictatorship again. 13 is enough. egypt is not going into dictatorship once again. >> in a separate decree, morsy banned the breakup of the constitutional assembly, the
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100-member panel assembly designed to draft egypt's new constitution. protesters here say the panel favors islamist factions and ignores demands by liberals, christians, youth groups and women's rights groups. some have sued to dissolve the panel. morsy's decree for bids that. as nightfall approached, anger turned to violence and seemed similar to the egyptian revolution protesters clashed with police. we're along one of the major arteries leading into tahrir square. clashes between security forces and protesters, tear gas. and we're moving away. as the protests intensified, mr. morsy appealed for calm. in a speech to hundreds of supporters who gathered outside the presidential palace in cairo, he defended his decrees and rejected accusations of a power grab. >> translator: i didn't take a
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decision against anyone or pick a side against another. i have to put myself in a clear path, a path that achieves a clear goal. >> reporter: several hours after mr. morsy's speech, his critics were still out here in tahrir square protesting throughout the night, setting the stage for what seems to be an intensifying face-off between the president and his opponents. >> and let's bringing in reza sayah from cairo. you filed that report hours ago. as we look at live pictures of tahrir square, tell us about the scene there now. are there still protesters? >> reporter: they're still there but things have quieted down considerably. there are some demonstrators still out there, those who pitched toents stay overnight. but nowhere near the numbers we saw yesterday. yesterday was probably one of the most intense and violent days of demonstrations we've seen over the past couple of years. 140 people injured according to the health ministry.
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several injured with gunshot wounds. more than 200 people have been arrested. and this face-off between the president and his opponents is starting to take shape. one of the presidential advisors has resigned today in protest and the judges club, this is an organization that represents the top judges in egypt, the supreme court judges has called for a meeting in an hour. there are rumor of a possible judge's strike that could be very disruptive to this country. so critical days ahead for this country, randy. >> of course, we're talking about the fact that morse sill effectively stripped the judge t the -- judges of their power. is that the only recourse they have? >> right now there doesn't seem to be any political mechanism for his opponents, these political factions opposing him to do anything about this. but keep in mind, one of the things that they are rely on is the power to protest that exploded onto the scene in the 2011 egyptian revolution.
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they say they're going to keep demonstrating and protesting till someone heeds their call. all eyes on mr. morsy. what will he do to defuse the situation? is he going to lock horns with his opponents or macon sessions? if he does macon sessions, is that a sign of weakness? a lot of questions that remain unanswered. >> certainly so. reza sayah in cairo for us this morning. thank you. and we've got much more ahead on cnn this hour. >> here's what's coming up. so far so good. that cease fire between israel and hamas is holding for now. but there are real fears even the slightest flare-up could kick off chaos. plus, hurricane sandy's long gone, but did the storm leave behind more than just a mess? >> it's sort of like nevin. at this point, who knows? >> coughing, bronchitis, asthma,
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this cease fire between israel and hamas is holding after eight days of fighting. now, here's the deal. israel is loosening their grip on gaza and the blockade and hamas has agreed not to fire rockets into southern israel. joining me now is john alterman, director of the middle east program at the center for strategic and international studies. thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> did either side make out better than the other in this agreement. >> it's much too early to tell you about what seems to me is
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there's a military side of this which israel clearly won. there's a political side. i'm not sure who won, whether hamas won, whether israel is going to win. it seems at this point that mahmoud abbas looks like he's losing. if he stays irrelevant, this may be the beginning of the end of abbas. >> there's also a story this new egypt story for president morsy, clearly the forefront of brokering this deal. what is america's role now dealing with morsy in this is conversation of keeping the peace was israel and hamas? >> i think the united states has realized for a long time that it can't dictate to morsy and that there's going to have to be new u.s./egyptian relationship. what's very unclear is how much we're going to be working with the egyptians, how much we're going to be working to try to limit a potentially negative egyptian role in regional fairs. i think morsy at this point is not sure where his presidency is going to go. certainly a lot of people in
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washington who had been feeling reassured a couple of days ago woke up yesterday and said what is this about. this can't be good. >> let's talk more about that because -- and i want to get back to what's happening at the border of gaza and israel. but you brought up what's going on in egypt. we got this statement from the spokesperson for the secretary, secretary clinton says what happened on the 22nd raised concerns. they're calling for calm. all parties should work together. an understated statement. this has to complicate the relationship between the state department and president morsy. >> look, we've had a complicated relationship with egypt for a long time made less complicated by having an egyptian president who decided that the most important thing for egypt's foreign relations was the relationship with the united states. you now have an egyptian president who has decided he wants a more diverse set of relations in the world, in the region. he doesn't want to be
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subservient to the united states. what the americans find very dangerous that what morsy's done is taken away all the potential breaks on his power. he pushed the military out, the parliament's been resolved. now he's been pushing out the judiciary. and there are no counter veiling forces in egyptian politics, and whether or not mohamed morsy wants to become a dictator, one of the signs of being a dictator, there are no counter veiling forces. you could say he's trying to do it because he wants to get through the constitution. he's doing it for good reasons, but i think if you're going to be serious about politics, you have to be successful politically convincing people not destroying other institutions that might stand in your way. >> considering how aggressive the president and the state department were in the latter days of the arab spring as it relates to egypt specifically, are we expecting as muted responses as we move forward with what's happening now with morsy and these declarations and decrees?
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will it stay these concerns and calls for calm? >> i think there's a reason that the state department is often measured when things initially happen and that's because things often turn out differently from the way people expect them. so i don't think they're being muted. i'm sure what they are saying privately is much sharper than what they're saying publicly, but there's also a sense that for people in the egyptian government, this is a life and death issue. this is what they do. anton constantly come in and try to publicly criticize them, humiliate them, doesn't help you get what you need to go. i think the issue is, if you want a constructive relationship with the united states and i think egypt wants a constructive relationship this makes it harder. egypt needs american capital. egypt needs the united states to help persuade other countries and coordinate other countries giving money to egypt to help
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the economy, and these kinds of steps makes it harder for the united states to do that. i think mohamed morsy understands that. i think he's looking at the u.s. reaction. and i think a measured but strong response is better than trying to shift the tides of history because i think ultimately, you can't shift tides but you can do a constructive set of steps that help people think more clearly about what they're doing. >> i know we're bouncing around a bit but i want to talk more about what's happening on the border with gaza and israel. this week, when the leader of hamas said that israel waved the white flag, he also said he was grateful to iran for their support. what is iran's role moving forward? >> well, nobody really knows that. i think if you thought that you saw spin rooms after the presidential debates i think you're seeing much more high-powered spin rooms after this. iran certainly was providing weapons and support to hamas.
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there are people in the middle east who have argued to me that when he acknowledged hamas, when he acknowledged iran, he was waving good-bye to iran, that there is an effort to bring hamas over to egypt, qatar to more moderate forces and not now hamas is going to try to mainstream itself. i don't know. i'm not sure he knows. he may be searching for a deal. he may be trying to send a message to the iranians. there certainly are i think two things that are important. one is that palestinian jihad was present in these negotiations in a way we haven't seen before. and fatah, the palestinian liberation organization, was not present, and that could shift -- could mean a real shift in the palestinian leadership. >> very delicate times in egypt and this fragile cease fire that we're in the third day of now. hopefully this continue and we'll continue the conversation. jon alterman from the center for strategic and international studies.
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thank you very much for joining us. we've got much more coming up. next hour, we'll hear from the israeli government and hear how they view the cease-fire agreement and the prospects for peace. from mold and dust to the sewage. why some of those aches by superstorm sandy are now worried about their health. these smartphones come with a bonus $100 walmart gift card? that's right. so it's like i won. sure. oh my gosh i won!!! i won!!!
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good morning, new york city. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. look at that glorious shot. people up and out already.
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so nice to see. there they are already. there's already some traffic on the bridge, of course. >> seems like there's always traffic on that bridge in new york. we've all seen the images of the destruction left by superstorm sandy and now we're getting details on the cost. almost $30 billion in just new jersey alone. that's according to governor chris christie. he issued a preliminary damage assessment. and that includes aid received so far from sources like fema and a few other agencies. he says the final estimate could be higher. >> and while sandy left an undeniable impact on the coastlines along the northeast, we're now learning about possible health effects from that storm. mary snow traveled to long island to speak with concerned residents there. >> reporter: lurking in the devastationings from sandy is yet another worry for homeowners, exposure to toxins, mold and dust and in some places sewage. homeowner fred more rel local will only enter his housewaring a protective suit and mask as he
4:24 am
clears out areas submerged in several feet of water. >> i am concerned about mold, sure. but at this particular point, i don't have the time for it. i have things to get done. they've got to get done so i protect myself as best i can. >> while he says he has no time to get checked for the cough he now has, others have been showing up to your m.a.s.h. like tents set up by medical assistance teams. >> you've been to other disaster areas. >> this commander says besides people seeking psychological treatment, they've mostly coming in complaining of coughs, bronchitis and asthma since the base was set up november 13th. >> we've been treating 70 patients a day. >> a day. >> a day. since we started this base, we've treated over 1,000 patients. >> majority of them would you say pulmonary problems? >> that would probably be the best guess. >> reporter: the commander stresses it's unclear how many cases are linked to people with chronic conditions being
4:25 am
worsened combined with the fact that access to their regular medication has been tough. some of those questions are in the hands of the long beach medical center, which is taking over now that it's been able to set up a makeshift emergency room in its parking lot. the hospital is still closed because of the storm. dr. robert canter heads the er unit and says it's the unknowns that concern him. >> sort of like 9/11 at this point, who knows? you know, down the road we're going to find out, i'm sure, a lot of problems. >> reporter: the doctors stress that it is still too early to know whether the ailments are short-term or part of something more serious. one concern right now is the weather and dropping temperatures. officials say that the cold and damp weather could be to blame for some of the respiratory problems that are being reported. randi and victorier. >> thank you very much. black friday is now behind us. so are you ready for cyber-monday? well, online scam artists are. we'll tell you what to watch out
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